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Instructions For Home-Plaster
Application On Your Lamp

(following class allow to dry for 12 hours minimum before plaster application)

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  1. Empty dry plaster provided into a disposable container
  2. Stir in water (a little at a time) until yogurt-like in consistency
  3. Using rubber gloves, apply the plaster to the exterior of the glass lamp-shade, rubbing it into the crevices carefully so that the entire shade is covered
  4. Set it aside and allow it to air dry for about 5 minutes (do not allow it to harden)
  5. Using a damp sponge, gently remove the excess plaster to reveal the glass mosaic design
  6. Once the plaster has cured for about an hour, you may use a gentle soap to clean off any residual plaster

** Do NOT put plaster down your sink as it will harden and cause a blockage **

Your lamp may be cleaned with damp or dry cloth to remove dust.

Don't forget that your lamp is fragile, so handle with care!

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