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Turkish Lamp Assembly

Congratulations on your purchase of your first Turkish lamp kit. This is a rewarding and fun hobby with such beautiful results. I guarantee you’re going to love it.

Included in your Turkish lamp kit is almost everything you need to create one Turkish lamp. You will need to buy plaster of Paris, and Dap brand Kwik Seal (both available at your local hardware store).Please make sure that you buy the clear sealant. These are not included in your kit as they are considered hazardous substances, and may not be mailed.

To begin decorating your lampshade, squeeze a small amount of the Dap adhesive onto the side of the shade and firmly apply the glass tiles in the desired pattern. You may refer to the diagram in your kit for reference. As you work your way outwards, applying the tiles in a circular pattern, you will notice that there are sections of the shade that are not yet covered. Any part of your lamp shade that isn’t covered by glass tiles will need to be covered with glass beads. The beads will fill in the blank sections of the lamp, adding visual interest and beauty. Apply plenty of adhesive to the blank sections and gently press beads into place.

Leave the very top and bottom (neck sections) blank. Ensure that all beads and tiles are glued securely in place. When you’re finished applying the tiles and beads, set your lamp shade aside to dry for at least 12 hours. At the end of the 12 hour period, your lamp is ready to have the plaster applied.